“In any other society government would be under pressure to act..”

The BBC NI TV news report on the confirmation that PSNI Chief Constable Hugh Orde has applied for the position of the next head of the Metropolitan Police used a line which is also in the online report

Sir Hugh is credited with helping to make the new police service more acceptable to Catholics.

Perhaps they should ask what former Assistant Chief Constable, and the force’s highest-ranking Catholic officer, Peter Sheridan thinks of that argument? The BBC NI online report also includes this line

During his time in office, Sinn Fein has joined the policing board and the number of Catholic officers has risen to 25%.

And perhaps the associated reduction in the perceived threat to Catholic officers had something to do with that? As Peter Sheridan also said

“You’re in a peace-building context. People have this view that the peace is done and it’s all over. And to some extent that part of the conflict is over but it’s by no means stable yet. Yes, a lot of the engagement has been at the top political level but actually the grassroots hasn’t been engaged in it.”