“We aren’t just having the meeting in Washington..”

Having come to a new “indigenous” arrangement, whereby Sinn Féin quit claiming they have invisible commitments to a deadline for devolving policing and justice powers, and the Northern Ireland Executive resumes business while they and the DUP work towards building the necessary public confidence in the ability of the NI Executive to handle those powers responsibly, “Even if there are setbacks in the months to come..”, the First and deputy First Ministers have now absconded to the US.. where they, apparently, hope to secure even more US investment.. Although not, perhaps, for jobs in the financial sector.. obviously..From the BBC report

Mr Robinson said both he and Mr McGuinness had a full itinerary that was focused on the “economy, the financial and business issues”.

“We aren’t just having the meeting in Washington with the business leaders,” Mr Robinson said.

“We are going to New York where we are meeting a number of business people, and we’ll see some projects there as well.”