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Okay, kicking off with news from across the sheugh, it’s the Damian Green storyAnthony’s worried it will “fuel the bloggertarian paranoia about Gordon Brown being a Stalinist dictator”… But not everyone on the left, it seems is taking the Whistleblower aspect of the story seriously… Iain takes issue with several leftist bloggers to task. He notes of previous Whistleblowers: “neither Tisdall or Ponting were Parliamentarians. Ponting leaked information to Tam Dalyell. No one even considered arresting him.” Danny Finkelstein has a very helpful list of leaks to Labour politicians in the past… – Sam Coates at the Times says the Tories claim to have footage of the arrest inside the House of Commons… Oh, and Dizzy says the Police have snatched the MP’s computers (remind anyone of another time and another place?)

– Yet one of the most immediate questions arising for the British democratic tradition is whether the Speaker allow the Police to arrest an MP within the bounds of a Parliamentary sanctuary… Shane’s been asking, and getting no answers… Machiavelli is convinced he did and wants Parliament recalled

– Justin says “Good Old David Cameron” for complaining about police heavy-handedness. Keep it up he says! – Paulie believes whistleblowers must be protected at almost all costs, then asks an intriguing question

– Unity rightly notes that in terms of the Met’s actions:

…we don’t know exactly what information may, or may not, have been passed to Green nor exactly what he did with the information did receive and, for that reason, its far too early to make any definite judgements as to the merits, or otherwise.

– Meanwhile, the Don is moved to poetry… Next move in this story is likely to be Wednesday when the Speaker is expected to explain himself make a statement…

– Closer to home, P O’Neill notes that it could not have happened in Ireland (by which he actually means the Republic – watch Conor Lenihan turn on a sixpence in last week’s Q&A on the same matter). Try Article 15:

10. Each House shall make its own rules and standing orders, with power to attach penalties for their infringement, and shall have power to ensure freedom of debate, to protect its official documents and the private papers of its members, and to protect itself and its members against any person or persons interfering with, molesting or attempting to corrupt its members in the exercise of their duties.

13. The members of each House of the Oireachtas shall, except in case of treason as defined in this Constitution, felony or breach of the peace, be privileged from arrest in going to and returning from, and while within the precincts of, either House, and shall not, in respect of any utterance in either House, be amenable to any court or any authority other than the House itself.

– The staff at Bobballs thinks the whole thing has nicely drowned out the ruck over the Chancellor’s PBR and the Tories are now looking to play the Ol’ Switcheroo…

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