Conversations with Kathleen – the dry run

Long time Slugger contributor and material provider Kathleen has recently been driving forward a new avenue for Slugger. She has proactively sourced numerous women politicians who have agreed to hold a series of recorded informal conversations on ‘Women politicians and their experiences of politics in the north of Ireland’ commencing next week.

As yet Kathleen is unsure how these conversations will be presented, if she will blog them herself (something both Mick and I would really prefer), how they’ll develop and where the project will end up.

Since I’ve been supporting the idea of more user generated content and ‘citizen journalism’ when discussing the project with Kathleen today she doorstepped me, interviewed me and even though I’m very uncomfortable with putting this up, particularly my hair, at her request I’m posting some of the conversation we had.

This is part of developing a series of potentially very interesting interviews with women politicians and while we’d welcome any constructive feedback for Kathleen anyone taking the slightest piss out of me will find themselves deleted.

The informality, conversational intent and providing the space for in-depth discussion on a topic pretty much overlooked by the MSM is something we’d love to see develop and as a result I present – Kathleen in conversation with Mark (scundered for me).