“appearances in the future should perhaps be cross referenced with the lunar cycle..”

As Mick continues to chart the reverberations from the recent affront to Parliament, the suggestion from the First and deputy First Ministers that they should halve the number of times, to once a month appearing alternately, that they spend answering questions in the Northern Ireland Assembly should provoke similar concerns from assembly members – in Scotland and Wales the First Ministers answer questions weekly, as Michael noted. Apparently it’s their suggestion for improving question time in the Assembly.. BBC NI political editor Mark Devenport has some thoughts on the matter, and his comments on Stormont Live are below the fold. But here’s the SDLP leader Mark Durkan giving the case for the opposition to such a move in the face of an apparent pattern of the formation of a de facto polit-bureau within [and without? – Ed] the NI Executive.

Jim Fitzpatrick and Mark Devenport discuss the suggested reduction of the number of appearances by the First and deputy First Ministers in front of the NI Assembly.