“better understanding cultural and historical aspects of parading and protest in Northern Ireland..”

Bizarre short report in the Irish Times on the Northern Ireland Parades Commission and their apparent self-education programme – “Six members of the commission have been on a three-day visit [to Dublin] ending today to sites associated with the Easter Rising in 1916.”

Dr [Michael] Boyle [director of programmes and policy at the commission] said it was useful for the commission to increase its knowledge of the background to historical events. Dr Boyle said there were no plans at this time to organise further tours in the Republic, though he expressed interest in the lessons to be learned from the 1798 Rebellion.


  • Great spot Pete. The world gets weirder.

  • Pete Baker

    “The world gets weirder.”

    Apparently so, Garibaldy.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it


    “Great spot Pete” ???

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  • One would have thought that people appointed to a position where the history and culture of this island are so fundamental to the issues at hand would have had a fair idea of these things already.

  • William

    I suppose that Boyle and that obnoxious quango, the Parades Commission need to understand the failures of the personnel who took part in the 1916 Rising and the 1798 Rebellion, as their descendants are the scumbags who oppose Loyal Order Parades througout Northern Ireland.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    Not all united Irishmen took part in the rebellion of 1798. Those like Drennan actually embraced the Union with Great Britain when everything they had asked for was granted, but the likes of Tone weren’t really in it for the benefit of the Irish people, they just wanted English blood. Maybe the full story of the United Irishmen should be told to all, instead of leaving it up to Republicans and Nationalists.

  • USA

    Your bitterness comes through very clearly in your writing.

  • KieranJ

    The only answer to the present situation in the six counties is a return to open hostilities.

    The matter needs to be settled once and for all time and the only way to do it is through the gun.

    Those who think otherwise are hiding from reality and simply refusing to face facts. You may not like it but I write the truth.

  • Todd

    Why is it Bizarre?

  • eranu

    kieran, why dont you stick on your rambo costume and get the next flight over and sort us all out?

  • Jimmy

    Re: William,Post 5.

    I agree with you on one point, yes the Parades Commission is an obnoxious quango no doubts about that.
    You have a right to use the Description of ‘Scumbags’ to those who oppose the LOL parades,its your right, I however would also use the description of Scumbag and more to any Presbyterian who is a member or supporter of the LOL, they should hang thier heads in shame, Go read the history of 1798 William and find out why.

  • Carson’s Cat

    Few PC members getting their junkets in before their mealticket is abolished hopefully in the near future.

  • Seimi

    There must be something in my coffee this morning, because I find myself almost – almost! – agreeing with Ulster’s My Homeland!

    Whilst researching a tv programme last year, we interviewed several members of the Cairncastle Orange lodge near Larne. One told us that their Grand Master had arranged for an historian to come and give a lecture on the 1798 rising. At the end of the lecture there was apparent uproar, with members demanding to know why they hadnt been told this part of ‘their’ history before.

    Now, while I disagree with ‘their’ – it is in fact ‘our’ shared history, I agree with UMH that the full story should be told to all. Unionists seem wary of embracing or engaging in this part of Irish history because, as they see it, and as mentioned by UMH, it has been left to Republicans and Nationalists. This seems to be true not only as regards history, but also language and culture – if nationalists like it, we don’t. While this belief persists, we on this island will never be able to agree on and celebrate our shared identity and culture.

  • brendan,belfast

    El Matador, “One would have thought that people appointed to a position where the history and culture of this island are so fundamental to the issues at hand would have had a fair idea of these things already.”

    So you are in agreement that it is important that they do gain an understanding of the issues? What is wrong with visiting historical sites, deepening the understanding of the context in which the Commission operates? The Parades Commission has been to the Boyne, to Somme in the past and now Dublin.

    Move along folks, nothing to see here.

  • Rory


    If you really are intent upon solving intractable problems with the gun I would recommend that you also bring a bottle of whiskey into the library along with your pistol.

  • Reader

    Seimi: Now, while I disagree with ‘their’ – it is in fact ‘our’ shared history, I agree with UMH that the full story should be told to all.
    So long as you recognise that ‘our’ (inclusive)shared history is to have been on both sides (and none) in 1798.
    (And, Jimmy; if your G-G-G-G-G-Grandad was in the Monaghan militia, should you not be ashamed to be on the other side from him now? In fact, the same sides don’t exist because the same issues don’t exist – the penal laws are gone and the UK has been an ally of France for much of the last century)

  • Yes, but did any of them get expense account haircuts while in Dublin?

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    William, some of your ancestors probably took part in the 1798 rebellion!
    UMH, some of your ancestors might have been the biggest rabble rousers urging an Irish Republic in 1798!

    I’m very proud that I had a great, great uncle who fought and died in WWI fighting for the British army, (the Dublin Fusileers), why can’t you folk accept the contribution of your Presbyterian ancestors to such a significant event as 1798!

    Of course, given your independant mindedness you are both quite entitled to believe in what you want, but I believe that you are deliberately depriving yourselves of knowing any such history for fear that your ancestors may have made any gesture or approval of an independant Irish nation!

    (There was quite a big turnout out in County Mayo for the chap who was killed recently in Afghanistan fighting for the Brish Army. There was a full British military funeral too. Hundreds of local people paid their respects.)

    Erin go bragh!

  • Alan

    I think one of the problem’s many unionist’s have with recognising what happened in the 98 rebellion and it’s a big problem, is that the present ” republican” movement have made it impossible ( by their actions) for them want to embrace anything united irish. Never mind Scullabogue and Wexford!

    The Newtownards Chronicle, in it’s letter page, over the past few weeks have had number of tit for tat letters regarding the 98 rebellion and I have learned a lot by just reading these letters. It’s is really fascinating stuff. It is time for unionist’s to regain that part of our history that the “republican” movement haved claimed as their own for so long.

  • cut the bull

    The parades commission are a bit of a toothless tiger. several of its determinations have been cotinually breached http://www.par adescommission.org/parades/?parade=16191, http://www.paradescommission.org/parades/?parade=20289, http://www.paradescommission.org/parades/?parade=24725 and the PSNI have sent files to the PPS yet no prosecutions have resulted.

    The commission actually warns the organisers that its aware that previous determinations have been breached. You would think the commission would be asking questions of the PPS.

    Why is a chapter of the black preceptory continually allowed to breach Parades Commission determinations, which are legally binding no prosecutions.Are the Loyal Orders beyond Law and Order.

  • stephen

    The idea that we are all pre-determined by our religion and birthplace to hold particular views is insulting and wrong.

    Those free thinking, educated members of the protestant faith who saw throughthe lies of their English overlords in the past are a clear example.

    In the same way that General Tom Barry was a former member of the British forces who had served in Messopotamia (Iraq), attended army veterans clubs and then went on to lead the Cork flying columns to such devastating effect.

    As we mature, we learn from our own past, and educate ourselves about the real past.

    I would suspect, although I don’t know any of them personally, that the members of the parades commission could do with all the history lessons, from both sides that they can get

  • RepublicanStones

    Kind of like a surgeon gettin a nurse to hold open a biology 101 book for him during an operation.

    Once again…you know when you’ve been quangoed !