Bloody students

The Politics Show on Queen’s radio had David Gordon, award winning Belfast Telegraph journalist, and me, the poor man’s Fealty, in on Monday to discuss some aspects of the latest Stormont deal. It may have only been student radio with a listener-ship in the 10s but never having done any radio before I was nervous enough to make a complete horlicks of my first response before settling into the format. They’ve also launched a blog where they will host podcasts of the show. You can get a laugh at my initial balls up from about 35mins in and if you can bear to listen on you’ll eventually hear me singing the praises of Pete Baker – nerves do funny things to you ;0)

The programme also has an interview with Tina Calder from Belfast’s Rape Crisis Centre on their work and extreme financial difficulties.

  • Dev

    “It may have only been student radio with a listener-ship in the 10s”

    Ha! In my student days I presented a show on QR on Thursday nights which I’m fairly sure never reached a listnership exceeding 20 people, but it was still a great laugh with a good bunch of dedicated people running the whole thing. I can remember in the office there was a whiteboard with “Menzies = ‘Ming'”, “Shi’ite = Shia” & “Bird flu = avian flu” wriiten on it in case any of the newsreaders got confused, I presume the rationale behind the Shia one is becasue the other term sounds too much like a naughty word when said in a heavy Norn Irish accent!

  • I was hoping for a Howard Stern type performance. Disappointing.

  • Baz está fresco em Vermont

    When the band has the audience outnumbered, it is cheaper to be in on the audience’s round of drinks, I know that much.