What kind of representative serves us best..?

With a once in a generation Speaker’s Conference being convened, Dan pitches five things that would improve representative democracy… Paulie suggests politicians who are genuinely local and don’t slavishly follow the party line and he nominates Dawn Purvis as a typical candidate… Who else would have the wit and courage to call for the legalisation of Prostitution in Northern Ireland… Check here for some reliable research on the matter…

  • Ulsters my homeland

    The Conor Murphy types for their sympathy towards victims of Republican violence. He called Willie Fraizer “a well-known fantasist” when asked about the attempted abduction on Mr. Frazer in South Armagh on Wednesday.

  • eranu

    i think the emphasis on ‘local people’ is a red herring and a bit on the tribal side at that. yes it might help a bit, but a competent person can get up to speed quickly enough with local issues etc.
    whats needed are competent people with excellent management skills and the ability to see long term and steer a department in the right direction etc. im thinking of the different managers ive come across in various businesses, there are 2 types.
    type 1 cant organise their way out of a paper bag. they have no new ideas. all they can do is sit on top of existing procedures in a department and hope they dont have to do anything different. they got a management job without having any ability.
    type 2 can pull together various teams and drive a project forward to completion. they can take any unforseen problems and sort them quickly. every single detail is attended to. they can think up new procedures to get the required result etc.

    type 2 people get the job done and so would be the kind of representative to serve us best. put one of them incharge and everything else will fall into place.
    To put a type 1 person ,with no previous experience in managing a large department, incharge of a government department would be total insanity.

  • Duncan Shipley Dalton

    The notion of primaries is fraught with problems. For one thing the financing of campaigns becomes an issue. Would expenditure be strictly limited or would a more American system be envisaged? Having had a friend recently run a primary campaign for a congressional vacancy for a young highly intelligent progressive activist who was then outspent 3 to 1 by his old non-activist oil industry executive opponent who secured the nomination by about 5% by self financing his campaign this way is not really to be admired.