Did Stone draw inspiration from Slugger’s readers?

Michael Stone’s “It was Art” claim, rightly was thrown out of court. If it was an attempt to emulate those Leeds students, the use of viable devices gave it away as a decidedly non art event. It struck me as strangely familiar when it went big. Well, now I wonder if his defence team got the idea from our commenters on the day of the incident itself…

Here’s Rory at 11.39am (Less than an hour after the incident):

Never mind, cheer up – society’s loss is the art world’s gain. The salons of Europe will wait in keen anticipation the arrival of the latest collection of the prison masterpieces.

And then Yokel at 12.05pm:

This guy has such a penchance for publicity. You can’t help but laugh. I think its art myself….

Either it was art, or someone got a cracking idea for an admittedly implausible defence…