Eats, meets and leaves

Hans-Gert Pöttering, President of the European Parliament, arrived yesterday for a two day visit which includes a meeting at the Assembly before heading off to Dublin on Tuesday to address the Dail Sub-Committee on Ireland’s Future in the European Union. As yet his trip is attracting scant interest in the MSM. I was wondering if the visit placed additional pressure on the DUP and SF to get a deal in place in advance but with the overwhelming lack of interest and no concrete purpose for him coming being flagged I now doubt that idea has any legs.

Adds: My original suspicions on this visit having an impact on the timing of last week’s DUP/SF deal are back on. Pöttering has pledged to examine EU support for a Centre for Conflict Transformation at the Maze. That would seem to let the DUP off the hook of dealing with that hot potato.