Brit blog round up on questionable lawmaking…

Just to prove that our local Ministers aren’t the only one given to forgoing a rigorous, evidence based approach to policy making in favour of futile ideological gestures, have a look at the top story on this week’s Brit Blog Round up on UK Home Secretary Jackie Smith’s proposals to tighten the law on punters who buy the services of trafficked prostitutes.. A laudable aim certainly, but the research underwriting the logic of the proposed legislation looks desperately flawed

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  • Ann

    Mick, its like you say this has down the rounds and rounds and rounds already……

  • Ann

    Oh and your link to Suz’s place doesn’t appear to be working….

  • John K Lund

    It is the oldest proffession in the world closely followed by The Institute of Chartered Accountants; there had to be someone to count the takings. She stands as much chance as a celluloid cat in hell.This girl is like all Brown’s cabinet naive. They have all lead sheltered and pampered middle class fabian style lifes . They were all brought up by doting parents at home and they all went to day grammar schools, where no doubt they were a pain in the proverbial to all and sundry.

  • Flawed legislation – not a first for this government: