UUP Tory Pact blog round up

Quickly, Cranmer was one of the first big Tory bloggers out of the blocks with the story… though far from being foisted upon the good Conservative burghers of North Down His Grace may find that North Down in my lifetime has never returned anything other than a maverick of left and right… According to private party research, Slugger understands that Lady Hermon is there for about as long as she chooses…

Update: Reader Ann upbraids me for leaving out Iain Dale (who must have posted after I posted this)…- Jonathan Isaby at Conservative Home lauds the energetic role played in making the deal between the two parties of Shadow Secretary of State Owen Paterson who was one of the key players in setting up, processing in virtually unheard of secrecy, and helping to bring it home to the finish… More details here

– Over at Mark Devenport’s blog, reader Susie has them rolling in the aisles with her suggestion: COUNCIL OF CONSERVATIVE & UNIONIST PARTIES (COC-UP)…

– O’Neill reckons its a very good start

– Chekov has a neat headline: We’re unionists, let’s start behaving like it

– David Vance gives it the thumbs up. Given the way he’s been crashing into David Cameron since the latter came to office I’m not quite sure what that means, but the blog counters at Central Office will be pleased with that one…

– Conall is one of the few nationalist to attempt a clear analysis of the pact:

David Cameron’s Conservative Party will not tolerate the sort of policies which the UUP promoted during their earlier relationship in the 20th century. In fairness to the new generation of UUP people, they seem very keen to find a new and relevant voice.

And finally, interesting to note that the honour of rather playfully attacking Reg on his party’s late betrothal passes to relative newcomer Michelle McIlveen… (were all those liable to have a sense of humour half way through ruled out for the job? – ed)