Tidy all the bits and bobs

The BBC’s Autumn Watch series is over (does that mean it is winter?) but I’ve received an email telling me local schools where I live, Crumlin or West Belfast sur la Lough,:

will take part in various workshops with staff from the “RSPB” and “Ulster Wildlife Trust”, to help inspire them to do their bit to help nature, and will then have the opportunity to plant some trees in the Glen with the “Conservation Volunteers NI”.

Good stuff but not of interest to most/any of you?

Then on Saturday:

Why not join us on Saturday 22nd November from 10.30am to 2pm and help us clean up and enhance our wonderful natural asset-Crumlin Glen!! “Conservation Volunteers NI” will be on hand, to provide you with the skills required to help you ‘do your bit’.

Still not of interest to anyone outside Crumlin? Well, the rest of you can contact the Conservation Volunteers yourselves to find out how you can get down and dirty with nature, have a bit of craic and improve your local environment.

And if you don’t want to work for nature, here’s a nice link on places you can visit.