Bertie: 51% plus one is not enough…

If it seems strange that the Belfast Telegraph is reporting this statement from Bertie just two days after he made a speech saying unification was an imperative for southern nationalists:

“The only way it can be done is if there’s a sizeable amount of people on the island of Ireland, North and South, believe this is the way forward. Fifty per cent plus one is not the way to do it. That would be a divisive thing to do. There’s no point having votes to find out that you’re 1 percent short or 1 percent over. That’s not the way to do it.”

It’s because that’s how he was thinking when Frank Millar interviewed him for his book “The Triumph of Politics”… Yet the truth is that the two things are not as irreconcilable as they may seem from a northern nationalist perspective. Such an approach however asks serious questions of the politics of confrontation (or rather non-confrontation) that dominated Sinn Fein’s 153 day long ‘civil action’ in the heart of government.

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