“potential victims ‘must be given the highest protection of the court'”

Whilst those “threats from the past” continue to manifest themselves, in Belfast 38 year-old Liam James Hannaway “pleaded guilty to possession of explosives with intent and possession of ammunition with intent on 17 September, 2004” and has been sentenced to 10 years.


  • michael

    No mention of coffee jar bombs in the news for years and then all of a sudden they’re everywhere again.

  • Ann

    Potential victims? If they’re really worried about those why did they fail to monitor the sex offender who went underground. The potential victims of this sex offender are women thats why, rather than all of society. Crimes against women are woefully inadequate.

  • Ann

    Crimes against women are woefully inadequate.

    Should read: Punishments for crimes against women are woefully inadequate.

  • joeCanuck

    That sounds better, Ann.
    I agree. Some people should never be released.

  • IRIA

    Related to Gerry Adams, no?

  • Hbf


    The potential vitims of sex offenders are everybody. The guy who’s gone missing is considered to be a danger to everyone. Do you really think that lapses in the monitoring of previous offenders is linked to the likely gender of their victims??

    I agree that there are problems with how sex offenders are delt with, but I reckon it’s a very complicated problem, and the root causes are not connected with gender.

  • joeCanuck

    Does HB stand for half baked?