Murphy’s trial on tax evasion sent back to Dundalk District Court

Having denied agreeing to his brothers’ forfeiture of criminal assets, Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy [Who is, according to some, “not a criminal” – Ed] sent his legal representatives to the Republic of Ireland’s High Court today to hear the ruling on the High Court judicial review proceedings after Mr Murphy alleged breaches of his rights by the Special Criminal Court in relation to charges of tax evasion. The ruling is reported here.

Mr Justice Iarfhlaith O Neill found state lawyers breached Murphy’s rights by giving his solicitor only four minutes’ notice when they applied for the non-jury trial. The judge said the court order, made in January and containing three technical errors, should stand after the mistakes are corrected. “I’m satisfied the accused person is entitled to be present and legally represented to ensure this essential step of the process is protected,” the judge said.

The judge added that Murphy’s legal team had not objected to the order between December 19, 2007 and January 10, 2008. Murphy’s trial on tax evasion has been sent back to Dundalk District Court to amend the order. It is unlikely the prosecution will be challenged.

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  • dunreavynomore

    It is interesting that there is no posse led by gerry riding to Tom the Slab’s defence this time. Acouple of years ago Gerry was adamant that Tom was an innocent man who was crucial to the peace process. How this cruciality came about wasn’t explained and as tom had told the court during his case against the Times that he didn’t know what Long Kesh was its a poser. Funny enough he knew what and where An Phoblacht was a week ago when he had an article in it denying having made any settlement with tax depts on either side of the border. One wonders if the grass roots were getting restless.