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Kicking off, that speculation over a settlement after five months of civil action inside OFMDFM, Chekov reckons it’s simply putting things off until next April. An interesting time; with the DUP facing one big election (Europe); and SF facing two (Europe and the Councils in the Republic)…. Ignited has Jim Allister’s prophesies on the matter…

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  • ggn


    If I may be so bold as to mention me own blog which I have restarted and I haver discovered the DUP’s new Irish language posters

    Also Middle Class Dub has highlighted some TUV racism …

  • stalin

    On the subject of blogs, I see that the SDLP leadership has wielded the axe on the belfast stoop (
    So much for their talk of encouraging debate, etc, in the wake of niall kelly’s criticism of the SDLP, and his view that the party will get a kicking in the european elections, despite him advising its european candidate, Alban Maginness!

    Seems the sdlp do go for “political kneecappings”

    Alban Maginness defended the blog on stormont live, by saying that they are not a stalinist party, but they have quietly axed him!!

  • deirdre nelson

    Why am I not surprised by Robin Stirling’s comments to Middle class Dub? Robin seems to live in some alternative universe where he is omniscient and infallible. Speaking as a Northern Irish prod, and a Ballymena resident, I’m appalled that this kind of bigotry has come to represent us in many places.No doubt Robin will have at me over this. Still, such is life. Mind you, some of the local views on womens’ rights also leave a lot to be desired.
    On the bigger picture I’m impressed with today’s outworkings and I believe the DUP have done a good job. I believe that the vast majority of NI wants devolution to work and yes, it might have taken 5 months, but at least we didn’t going running to the two governments and that gives me hope for the future.
    Jim Allister, Robin Stirling and co keep harking back back to a Protestant Utopia that I don’t think ever existed and certainly they appear unable to accept that the world has moved on. One only has to look at the unashamed and unapologetic Irishness of the Irish regiments in the British Army to understand that nothing is as simple or clear cut as the dinosaurs would have us believe. Time they retired in my opinion, unionism won, republicanism lost.

  • NALILblog: Politicians accused of working too hard!!

    Singing defective: Police car with bald tyres …

  • DOB

    Is cinnte i gcónaí go mbíonn droch-scéalta fán Ghaeilg le léamh anseo ach bíonn scéalta beaga deas ann chomh maith.

  • ggn

    Dominic Ó Brollacháin’s Irish Language Bill is being mentioned.

  • Essentialist


    Your view of success is as meaningless as the revised curriculum.

    Have you factored in the cost to the ratepayer of the devolution of policing and justice as a part of the DUP “success” or “victory” over Sinn Fein?

    Jim Allister has provided some detailed concerns about the less than transparent deal between Sinn Fein and the DUP. Like him we must must await the amended legislation to uncover the facts.