‘Just as well you can’t libel the dead’ – or something new on Father Denis Faul?

After posting Gerard’s review of the éirígí public meeting on the Hunger Strike and his footage, I’m surprised no-one noted the section on Denis Faul which seems to have some controversial comment (I’ve tried my best to transcribe from poor audio but listen yourself):

Bernard Fox (3:30) – “he was a political priest”

Bernard Fox (3:52) – “In my view and if what I am saying is cruel, I think he was a bigot”

“He didn’t like protestants”

Speaker from the floor – “This is what he says to us, shoot protestants don’t be shooting taigs, shoot protestants. He says that in mass, he said that in mass”

ADDS: Neither I nor Slugger can stand over that comment and we don’t know who made it. Anyone know who the speaker was?