Sleepwear-walking into protest and other texting issues

For a while now the ATN has been running a two page Your Texts feature. They can be funny, disturbing, interesting and unintelligible in equal measures. The last online edition has some dealing with issues around protests against the RIR parade.

First up a series of very odd messages complaining about the people that turned up to the SF protest wearing their PJ’s:

Went to RIR homecoming protest and when we got to the Grosvenor Road a group of girls, women and children were standing in their pyjamas, some with housecoats and slippers. These people walked to Jury’s on the pavement – a disgrace! Have they no respect for the men, women and children that were killed at the hands of the British state, never mind respect for themselves? You want to be so ashamed.

I was at the RIR protest and it was a complete disgrace to see people from the Grosvenor Road in their pyjamas. Away and get washed!

To those tramps and millies who joined the RIR protest parade wearing pyjamas and slippers: I’ve never been more embarrassed in my life. I’m just so glad that none of you appeared in the papers or on TV. What kind of people are you? A protest on behalf of murdered members of our community and you can’t even be bothered to wash your face and get dressed! And on a Sunday too! The stewards should have sent you back home with a flea in your ear, although there’s probably plenty there already.

Some complaints about how the paper estimated the numbers attending SF and éirígí protests:

Why does the Andersonstown News claim that 3,000 people attended the SF march against the RIR? In the pictures published it’s more likely that a third of that number participated. Here’s a tip for your journalists: Count the first section, which contains about 200 and makes up about a third of the march. Seems like 600/800 would be closer to the truth.
First you say about a third of our estimated number (which would be 1,000), then you say 600/800. See? It’s not as easy as you suggest after all. Ed

I see the Andersonstown News is as rubbish at counting as it is at taking pictures. It states the recent SF demo had 3,000 at it even though its pictures clearly indicate otherwise. Then it states that there were only 300 at the éirigí demo when there were clearly more, but the only picture shown in the paper is of a small section of the crowd so we can’t make up our own minds.

One on an aspect of the day I wasn’t aware of – a bombscare:

Here was the situation: Sinn Féin held a protest against the mUrDeRous RIR. Here was the result: Loyalists attacked them with fireworks as the RUC/PSNI looked on and laughed. Here’s Sinn Féin’s response: At a so-called bomb scare on the Falls Road Sinn Féin chase and threaten nationalist youths for throwing fireworks at RUC/PSNI in anger at the day’s events. Where is the rationale?

One on éirígí:

Fair play to éirigí for having their RIR protest. These people are mostly lifelong republicans who have spent years in jail for the struggle. Good people. What annoys Sinn Féin is they know that and they aren’t wee hoods like some in the CIRA. People are allowed to have their own views, not like some of the brainwashed robots in Sinn Féin. Most are afraid to walk away as they would be branded dissidents by their own friends. I’m a republican who is entitled to my own opinion. Doesn’t make me a so-called dissident. It’s Sinn Féin who have distanced themselves from everything that people fought and died for.