Earthrise August 1966

View from Lunar Orbiter1

The view from the Moon, as seen by NASA’s Lunar Orbiter 1 42 years ago – “Originally taken on 23 August 1966 and restored by the Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project at NASA Ames Research Center.” The story of those images here – and those images. More on those moonviews. Larger image of centre portion containing Earth, after a second level of processing, here and below the fold. Since then we’ve had manned landings and the HD footage from Japan’s “KAGUYA (SELENE)” satellite, and India has just successfully landed a lunar probe. Image Credit: NASA / LOIRP.
Restored Earth-rise view from Lunar Orbiter1

Lunar Orbiter1 Earthrise

And Earth-rise in HD video..

..and Earth-set.