Slugger’s Daily Blogburst….

Kicking off, I know some of our long term readers remain sceptical about online as opposed to offline political activism. Well forget Obama for a moment and look at the figures on this Facebook group on the cervical cancer vaccine issue from Gavin (Red Mum is leading on this one):

In just over 30 hours the group has gone from 1 member to nearly 900. The number of invites has gone from 300 to more than 5,000 in the same time period. Wall posts, many of them quite personal, now number 34. At current levels of participation, the group should reach 10,000 in a few weeks, an unprecedented uptake for an Irish specific group.

– The biggest story is the fallout from the murder of Baby P. As Trocuil notes. It certainly caused an unseemly ruck in Parliament and some are still sorting over that.

-Half Blood Welshman asks who would be a social worker (one report claims one third of the posts in Haringey are currently vacant)?

– Whilst David Vance wants head to roll!

– But Liam has done some digging and provides useful counter to the chattering classes’s obsession with what has become, on closer inspection, a rather cynical Westminster game:

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) says that every ten days in England and Wales one child is killed at the hands of their parents. In 2005/2006 in England and Wales parents were the principal suspect in 24 child homicide cases (44% of all cases). Each week at least one child dies from cruelty. It’s worse for infants aged under one. They are more at risk of being killed at the hands of another person than any age group of child under 18 in England and Wales. That includes knife carrying teenagers.

Hmmmm… Don’t hear anyone in the MSM talking about that ‘little’ problem, yet…. I wonder why?

– And you really should not look at this YouTube video if you really care about the macro economy…

– Mairtin certainly shouldn’t

– Suzy was getting texts through about today’s TNS/MRBI poll in the Irish Times just as it got to Q&As with EU Commissioner Margot Wallström last night…

– Dan summarises the implications of said poll:

The ice shelf of floating voters has calved from the frozen continent of FF and is now in open water. Currently it is located solidly in the territorial waters of FG and the Independents. Whether it stays there is an open question but it is very definitely drifting away from FF who seem not to understand that it is even loose.

– On other psephological matters, Horseman’s been following in Sammy Morse’s footsteps on Council constituencies. This time with a look at Dungannon and South Tyrone

– And Malc is launching his constituency guides for the next General election (I’ll be following those on Brassneck)…

– Closer to home Conall is launching an Executive watch and has some useful figures:

Our 14 Ministers have a basic annual salary bill is £1,118,228. This does not take into account the cost of Private Offices, Specials Advisers or the other resources which are required to ensure the proper running of an Executive. Since June 19th when the Executive last met the Ministers have cost the tax payer £453,418 in salaries alone. Each working day that passes our Lame Duck ministerial team costs Northern Ireland £4,300.

That’s a lot of money to have to endure two one partiesy play the system for their own ‘narrow political interest’…

– And from her new (till Christmas) home in Australia, Jenny turns over the underlying problem of a politics that remains copper-fastened to national identity

– And finally, Alan has news of Vodafone’s Live Guy who’s giving out free laptops to everyone except us. Alan engaged him in conversation online, but it tailed off sharply after his ‘killer’ blow about losing sales. The blunt truth is suspect is that we’re a discreet market and not worth the hassle for the return…

What say you Vodafone?