Slugger fieldtrips?

My previous idea to have a group of people from varying perspectives attend as much of the RIR parade and associated protests as possible and then give report back on their perceptions as a starting point for discussions here didn’t really work out. That was mainly due to the last minute nature and associated bad planning. However, it’s an idea I’d be interested in pursuing in the future and I understand Mick will soon be raising something similar.

For me the first attempt didn’t work out as I’d have liked as it ended up more like bog average citizen journalism not a starting point for a discussion on how differing people perceived the same event but I did get to experience some elements of the day that’d I’d never normally have been within a mile of.

Is anyone interested in signing up to this kind of thing or feeding in to developing it?

I’d be interested in seeing groups of Slugger bloggers/readers going along to political, cultural, sporting etc. events of the type that often generate contentious debate on the site, but mainly rely on MSM pieces, as the starting point for discussion below the fold. I’m not interested in doing it like a blog One Small Step campaign or as some sort of bridge building initiative but people coming along with any prejudice they may hold, being open to either reinforcing or reducing it and only committing to honestly relating what they saw and how they felt.

It might generate some decent discussions, it might not. Anyone interested? The floor is open….