Quote of the day…

From Jay Rosen’s (he of the inimitable PressThink blog) Twitter feed, quoting a Conservative Talk Show host:

“To succeed, a talk show host must perpetuate the notion that his or her listeners are victims.”

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  • Buile Suibhne

    Very Stephen Nolan.

  • wild turkey

    sounds like a cert for 90%+ audience share in Norn Ironland.

    “Today’s edition of ‘It’s all the other guys fault’ features……. (fill in the blanks)… and, of course, the latest treachery from themmuns.

  • Carson’s Cat

    Having been caught out a little on the blaming “themmuns” for every issue the talkshows seem to have moved on to blaming “the whole lot of them” (meaning politicians) for every issue.

    Blame is usually spread thickly and evenly across all elected representatives, apparently leaving unelected and unaccountable radio presenters as the only people who ever solve anything for anyone, anywhere.