“lodged on his behalf by a Northern Irish law firm..”

When the Spanish authorities sought the Republic of Ireland’s government’s help in locating Inaki de Juana Chaos in September – last known address the Dublin home of Colombia fugitive James Monaghan – some reports suggested he was in hiding in Northern Ireland “with sympathisers in the republican movement”. Today, after he failed to appear at a National Criminal Court hearing in Spain, the Spanish judge issued an international arrest warrant for de Juana Chaos. And the RTÉ report includes this intriguing detail.

The warrant was issued after Inaki de Juana Chaos, who was released from prison in August and is known to have been visiting Ireland, failed to appear in court to testify in a case brought against him for praising terrorism.

The high court judge decided to ignore a request lodged on his behalf by a Northern Irish law firm asking for his court appearance to be postponed.

Update From the Guardian’s report

Kevin R Winters, a Belfast solicitor, reportedly wrote on Friday to Interpol on De Juana Chaos’s behalf saying he had no intention of appearing before the Spanish court yesterday morning.

The former terrorist, who had a passport request denied by the Spanish embassy in Dublin two months ago, reportedly said he was prepared to give evidence by videolink. Winters did not return calls from The Guardian yesterday.

Update In the comments zone picador informs us that this report says de Juana Chaos will appear at Laganside Recorder’s Court at 9.30am on Monday morning.