Greetings From The Land Of Nixon — The Sequel

I thought that it would never end but, blissfully, it did. Syanora Obamabots, adios PUMAS and hit the road “repugs”. Five billion bucks (and change) later it is all over. Hallelujah!! once again we got the best goddamn government money can buy.

The passage of Proposition 8’s shock wave is passing through California. It seems that some are upset that the Mormon church prodded it’s adherents into contributing two thirds of the funding for the passage of the proposition banning same sex marriage. The opponents of the measure are taking umbrage. The second largest temple in the world operated by the LDS is being picketed in West LA.
A quick look at the Utah contributions show that some high rollers boosted the stakes with hundred grand and million dollar contributions. My favorite is the “homemaker” in a suburb just south of Salt Lake City that ponyed up 50 grand. The woman is a wizard with the egg money.

So far the minority vote’s big part in passing the measure has been noted but is not being played up in the press. Gay protesters and Mormons make better copy.

Nevada just turned blue. Two of their three Representative are now Democrats. The state assembly and senate are now controlled by the Democrats as well. There may be some euphoria now but times are hard as evidenced by the rumors that the Rio Casino is in trouble. Back in the old days business problems were solved by a hole in the desert. Nowadays it’s more complicated.

Idaho and Montana remain red, although Montana is looking a bit wobbly. Larry Craig of Idaho did not run for the Senate after the wee problem he had in the men’s room in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport His GOP replacement, Jim Risch, creamed his opponent 2:1. By the way Mick, Risch succeeded Butch Otter, as Lieutenant governor in 2007.

Closure was finally achieved in the governor’s race in Washington. Four years ago Democrat Christine Gregoire beat her opponent by a handfull of votes on the third recount. This year the race was frightful, coating the airwaves with solid diatribe. The incumbent won this time by over a hundred thousand votes. The residents were so sick and tired of the factious governor’s race that taking the easy way out was appealing: Accordingly they passed the assisted suicide measure.

Our version of the silly season is now over. Change we can believe is about to transform our factious politics and we can bask in the audacity of hope.

Today I counted two websites collecting petition signatures for impeaching Obama.