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Kicking off in Scotland today after yesterday’s big election victory, it looks like Scottish Tory Boy has lost that one pound bet he had on the SNP… (One Pound? Call yourself a Tory??)… Over at the Telegraph, Iain Martin picked it up earlier than most… My own analysis here…- Clipping down to Wales where after ten years of limited powers they are considering the possibility of running another referendum to get themselves some primary powers rather than sending their supplicatory counsels to Westminster. Betsan Powys reckons the Tory report (commissioned by David Cameron) on the matter by Lord Conwy is a long piece of fudge… Here’s another for Dewi and our other Welsh speaking readers

– A Pint of Unionist Lite reckons it’s good news, concluding that “review of Welsh devolution has concluded the system is not working as it should and has failed to win the hearts of people.”

– Other coverage is less kind. John Dixon calls it a hospital pass: “It’s a complete non-answer, which moves his party not one inch further forward than it was six months ago”…

– Bethan notes that the report is at odds with Welsh Tory opinion:

…considering that the Tories in the Assembly have been so vehement in their support for more powers for the Assembly ( do we need to mention the All Wales Accord?!) it seems odd that their urgency for action is not reflected in this report.

– Clearly Ordivicius agrees: “Clearly the views of the party’s AMs and its leader in the Senedd are of no consequence”.

– Lib Dem AM Peter Black suspects that “if the Rainbow Coalition had gone ahead the Lord Wyn Roberts’ report on devolution would have been much more positive than it has turned out to be.”

– Last word on the matter to Glyn Davies who gives his own preliminary thoughts on the logic of his party’s position:

This leaves two major questions just hanging there. Firstly, what approach should a future Conservative Government take to Legislative Competence Orders, the complex system by which powers are currently being transferred to Cardiff Bay. And secondly, what would be the response of a future Conservative Government to a request for a referendum on law making powers across the board to be held, if it were to be made sometime in the future. I suspect Lord Roberts has concluded that this is best left to the ‘root and branch’ review. This does not so much close down the debate as defer it until post General Election – much the same sort of conclusion I’d reached.

– Mark Devenport mulling over another Tory experiment with Devolution reckons that the UUP Tory tie-up is currently about as clear as mud

– Back to America again, Johnny picks up Gore Vidal giving Dimbley (“I don’t I know who you are?” “I know who you are!” “Well, you are one up on me!”) a veteran’s lecture on the US Republican party. It’s classic theatre of the absurd, but with Vidal’s Octogenarian bite…

– Splintered wishes Edward Said was still alive

– Killian is sceptical of the change narrative, whilst his Northern Irish party colleague is a tad more sanguine

– Gerry let’s it be known that Gavin got it right (following Dan D who got almost everything else wrong, I think) in January…

In the Republic Michael returns to a familiar theme, those budget cuts:

The consensus that we have to prioritise the fiscal meltdown is almost complete. And let’s be clear – this is nothing less than an attack on the public realm. And critical areas will not be spared. Health, education, and social welfare together make up nearly 70 percent of current spending. If the Taoiseach’s promised cuts occur it’s hard to see how these areas will escape. Unless we cut capital spending which, in essence, is a cut in future growth.

– Suzy adds to her little clucky book of dodgy PR Research…

– Ciaran rather eloquently settles an old, old score

– And if you are a fan of Lembit Öpik, look away from the screen now

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