“…he could now be living in luxury, and a hassle free life ..”

The title is a quote from Tommy Gorman at the launch of Anthony McIntyre’s book: ‘Good Friday: The Death of Irish Republicanism’ [is my wife looking for stocking fillers? – Ed]

McIntyre has been a vocal critic of the provisional movement’s peace strategy and has suffered more than a little as a result.

While I understand much of the book is recycled material from the now defunct Blanket website it should still make a good read and the video from the launch raises some interesting questions

  • Pete Baker


    A previously noted report on the publication of Good Friday, The Death of Irish Republicanism.

    McIntyre paints a picture of a republican leadership who were reformists from the outset, being secretly protected, groomed and eventually steered into Stormont by the British forces they claimed to be fighting. All the while, a supine membership cheered them on from the sidelines, easily fooled by symbolism and rhetoric.

  • Earnan


    Have you read the book? Or have you read enough of the articles on the Blanket website where you wouldn’t need to buy it?

    I ask because I’m thinking of picking it up myself and am curious if you would recommend it.

  • Mark McGregor


    I haven’t read it – yet. I will. The man speaks truth to power and few republicans have the balls.

  • waffler

    yet again grassroots have just begun listening to the truth from a very brave Antony and a few others. Too late to save the lives of so many.
    I applaud him and those others who have total determination to see the truth shines through that the so called republican leadership will eventually be exposed for their treason and hopefully brough to book by their own.
    The sooner the spinn fein sheep turn on the dog the better.

  • Big Deal

    Somebody give the man a medal ffs

  • Sammy Boy

    “And Mr Adams, who was an IRA Chief of Staff despite the fact that he wasn’t in the IRA, has consistently disputed claims that this whole struggle has been a failure.”


    Another one publicly claiming the Beared One was in the IRA. I suppose MacIntyre is a Special Branch informer also?

    The Bearded Ones friends have said that he will sue if this remark is made outside Stormont. Time to get on the phone now to the lawyer boys……..

  • catchagrip

    I liked the poster on the wall

  • Ann

    The man speaks truth to power and few republicans have the balls.

    Few people have the balls to speak truth to power, not only republicans.

  • Ann

    Actually I saw Adams yesterday swanning about his constituency like a real man of the people, giving the royal wave to his on lookers, and then a huge sleek black car pulled up and he got into it along with his minders and drove off. Like a scene reminiscent of the film the Godfather…..

  • Demes

    Yes Republicanism failed in it’s fundamental aim. However Republican philosophy always preceded from false premises. I believe that even if the IRA had forced a British withdrawal in (say) 1980, we would NOT be living in a united Ireland today, for similar reasons to that Serb military strength did not lead to the maintenance of Bosnia in Yugoslavia. Without the British military there would have been mayhem, but there would unlikely be a united Ireland.

    The failure to see the situation as what it is, a border dispute between competing nationalisms, but rather as some kind of post WWII anti-colonial struggle, Republicanism was always going to fail in it’s main objective. It was inevitable.

    Sinn Fein’s strategy probably is actually the most likely to produce a united Ireland at some point, though if it does happen it will be 40 years hence, will almost certainly involve consociational government, abandonment of the tricolour and Soldier’s Song etc.

  • ggn

    It would be interesting to see a piece comparing and contrasting McIntyre’s book with David Vance’s book.

    They cant both be right.

  • percy

    “struggle against the new oppressor”…. stop it !

  • Ann

    Sinn Fein’s strategy probably is actually the most likely to produce a united Ireland at some point,

    I wish you’d share Demes, as it says in the video the current strategy is heading toward ‘shit creek’. Deadlock is the new way to govern is it?

    Go on, I’ll bite, tell me how SF’s current strategy will produce a united Ireland in around 40 years time? Would this be a new date to replace the 2016 timescale?

  • OC

    “And Mr Adams, who was an IRA Chief of Staff despite the fact that he wasn’t in the IRA…”

    How is it really possible to be an IRA Chief of Staff, and NOT be in the IRA?

  • The Big Lad

    OC, If you are being sarcastic, I think the person you quote was being as sarcastic as you

    The Big Lad

  • OC

    Big Lad:

    I learned a long time ago to not presume anything.

    In the event, a ruse of plausible deniability may be what has led a self-deluded G.A. to continually deny being in the IRA – maybe he never became officially a member of the IRA, but was allowed to be a chief of staff. Just asking.