“No great decisions are expected..”

BBC political editor Mark Devenport has news on a meeting of Ulster Unionist party officers today, and the Conservative Party electoral pact predicted by Frank Millar’s sources, although he cautions

I’m told this isn’t the group’s final report, but the party officers may be updated on the results of research on how voters might react to the advent of a “new political force”. No great decisions are expected, but the clock is ticking.

There are rumours too of a “triumvirate” of dissenting MLAs..

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  • John Janes

    Some the older UUP MLA’s who do not wish to run again may break away as independent unionists. Some of the younger ones opposed to the Tory link up may wish to defect to the DUP however. There had been some talk at one stage of the UUP reps in S Down and one half of the E Antrim duo being interested in moving across. Could be interesting not least on how it would affect the make up of the Executive!

  • elvis Parker

    ‘older UUP MLA’s who do not wish to run again may break away as independent unionists’ – and the point of making such a gesture would be?

    ‘Some of the younger ones opposed to the Tory link up’ such as?

    John Janes is a DUP sock puppet and I claim my £10

  • Mike C

    Sock puppet or not with regards to John Janes, I’d love to know which of the two East Antrim reps allegedly wants to defect.

    If the South Down rep, who is big buddies with the Lagan Valley rep, wants to move will he be bringing his debt-ridden buddy too….will the DUP then be bailing that MLA out of his embarrassment?

  • frustrated democrat

    It may of course be that some UUP members could consider moving in the opposite direction. Let us wait and see what the outcome is.

  • By a curious coincidence, I hear of several (mainly centrist) Tories who are not too keen, either.

  • If someone was interested in changing affiliation then why not at least do a bit of your own research in order to have your questions answered before leaving your finger prints all over the Speakers Office for Horatio Davenport to pick up on??? the saga continues…

  • Shocker

    Totally off topic, but did anyone here about Paisley Junior apologising to Sinn feins M Anderson today?! The mans got more faces than the Albert Clock!


  • Llamedos

    This an untrue rumour believed to have been started by the Poisoned Dwarf from Lagan Valley.

  • rj

    Don’t understand, John Janes
    Last time I looked, the UUP only had one rep in S Down, and he seems both likely to be happy with a Tory link and very unlikely to want to work with the DUP. But someone in E Antrim has certainly been rumoured.
    You should also check your facts on the makeup of the Executive. Allocation is on basis of seats won in the election. If every UUP MLA but Empey and McGimpsey defected somewhere else, the two of them would be entitled to remain as Ministers.