“…a stillness before a storm of activity”

More from Stewart in Pittsburgh sent at 15.46 his time:

This has to be a mammoth turnout and a new high which means we have to be winning. Although speculating and calculating at this point could drive a man mad.

I am glad I dont really have the time for it, we are just concentrating on doing our bit to get out the vote and if everyone operates like that throughout the conuntry (and we do have the same format running on all states), we have done all we can. I have heard no more complaints about voting machines.

There was a problem with the striker system, where the poll watchers were able to use their mobile phones to strike people from the canvassing list meaning we didn’t waste time contacting people who had already voted, I believe the system became overloaded quickly, a simple fix is a web based alternative but it requires an extra link in the chain.

There is a stillness before a storm of activity as there will be a last big push between 16.30 and close of polls, we have bus loads of out of state volunteers and students from Pitt, so there is a literal army of campaigners accross the state and country, the scale of this continues to amaze me.