Misfiring voting machine in PA…

It’s still early morning in Pittsburgh, and Stewart’s not long up. I’ll keep posting his bulletins as he keeps sending them back… In this one he carries a report of all four voting machines misfiring on start up one of the poorer areas just outside Pittsburgh…

A couple and I mean a couple of hours sleep followed by a 5am scrub at the local YMCA and we are off and running although with the polls open now we are in the middle of an eerie period of calm, our canvassers dont start going out for another 30 mins and our phone bankers an hour from now.

We have legal advice on standby for each area to ward off any type of voter suppression, so far nothing, we have only had issues with getting poll watchers into the stations, which is sorted.

It is pretty much back to basics today, will be knocking alot of doors and watching a lot of polling stations but everyone is hyped up and I firmly believe that all the ground work has been done, so today should be smooth – as far as efficiency, use of resources and getting the vote out. (literally knocks on wood).

Update: Just heard that the machines are broken in the most disadvantaged community in the area (Craford and McKeesport…99% african american and all of the machines are down…already….hopefully just an early glitch.

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