“It may be that such an email may have been deleted..”

Whilst the Environment Minister ponders his decision to rescind Area of Special Scientific Interest (ASSI) designation for Lisnaragh, the Belfast Telegraph’s David Gordon has discovered that, in response to an earlier FOI request, the Department for the Environment failed to disclose all relevant emails – including an exchange between Planning Service chief Cynthia Smith and the Permanent Secretary Stephen Peover in connection with “Ministerial letters to planning staff”.

The DoE was asked by this newspaper to explain why this email exchange had not been included in the FOI disclosure. In reply, a spokesman said a further check had been undertaken and Planning Service had been “unable to find the email”. He added: “It may be that such an email may have been deleted from the Department’s email system as part of routine IT housekeeping and this could explain why the document was not discovered when responding to your original FOI request.”

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  • Bohereen

    there’s probably a large folder of emails to Mr D Trump as well. Thank goodness NI has been spared that.

  • [aside]An exchange of emails re.Rathlin ferry matters has shown that Moyle councillors have been left out in the cold again:

    ‘Steakholders’ – Out to lunch

    “… without the councillors, despite the Council being, supposedly, one of the stakeholders”

    “I see the council ratification as a formality”

    “Moyle councillors left out in the cold – again? Where’s Morse when you need him? ;)”

    Pete, why do you imagine that Slugger bloggers and mainstream investigative journalists are essentially ignoring massive problems in the Government procurement process?

    How many more court cases such as those involving Henry Brothers and McLaughlin and Harvey will it take before they or the relevant Stormont committees open their eyes?

    The Rathlin ferry shenanigans involve a trifling amount of money but the documents released so far on NALIL blog should provide some useful insights.