“I now call the Minister for the Environment..”

Speaking of the Northern Ireland Environment Minister, today in the Assembly he demonstrated why he is regarded as one of the better performers inside the chamber. Outside the chamber? Maybe not so much.. Part 2 below the fold.
Second part of the Minister’s speech.

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  • The Raven

    15 mins of umming and ahhing to a handful of our “elected” members.


  • Rory

    With so much of the content of Wilson’s speech concerning itself with ‘wind’ and ‘bags’ it must be heartening at least to know that you have a Minister who is so at home with his subject matter.

  • Sneakers O’Toole

    Sammy’s a good speaker.

    It’s a real shame to see the NI Assembly going the same way as the House of Commons in Westminster though; all shouting and laughing and waving papers. Point scoring and jokes are the order of the day. I’d expected it from the Unionists who are veterans of the Westminster system; the Shinners should know better.

    I like my parliaments dour, thank you very much. I doubt board meetings of large businesses are treated like a joke. Neither are meetings among military commanders, I’d wager.

    Yet when our politicians are talking about recessions, crime, schools and hospitals they decide not to treat them with the seriousness that every other parliament in the world affords them.

    Harumph. Maybe I’m just getting old.

  • fin

    so so so PPPPPete, SaSaSammy is is is aaaaa mmmm con con con considered one one one er er er of the the the the b b b aaaa er b better per per per performers ……….

    my ears started bleeding towards the end.

  • Ray

    So this is what the IRAs years of terrorism was for the chance for republicians to bring motions about ther being to many plastic bags in Northern Ireland. Im sure Bobby Sands would be proud.