Good weather, good voting in Pittsburg…

Stewart reports the machines have now been fixed and most people got their votes in in Crawford-Mckeesport… Looks like turnout is high and the weather good in that part of PA

The machines in question were fixed, they had to revert to paper ballots and only two people chose not to vote that way, they will have to return later in the day and we will make sure they do, every one counts.

There has been reports of machines not functioning correctly, we are getting some reports of it happening in PA. The machines give the option of selecting a candidate per election or selecting straight democrat and straight republican, there are reports that ‘straight democrat’ is not including Barack for President, no idea how wide spread this is but it is being looked into…thats all I know.

Turnout seems high and everyone says they are intending to vote and seem enthusiastic about it for once – very few people are saying they wont vote today. The weather is good around Pittsburgh so no reason to stay in doors.

  • Fermanagh Young Unionist

    Some of the streaming online channels are running videos of Blank Panthers standing outside polling stations in Philadelphia. At one even, the police were called and they took away one for publically holding a weapon (a night stick).

    So it’s not just in Northern Ireland we have sinister looking guys outside polling stations lol

  • Ulster Unionist

    Oh dear….Stewart upset that two of the Obamamaniacs might not get to vote….pity Obama wasn’t so interested in voter security at the Democratic Party Presidential nominations when his supporters stole votes, didn’t adhere to regulations, told pro Clinton delegates many without English to leave as their votes were counted…so typical of the Chicago Democratic party machine….still as crooked as ever….

  • 6countyprod

    they are there to keep the rednecks at bay.

    I would hate to spoil anyone’s fun, but there is some disconcerting news coming from the McCain camp…

  • William

    Fermanagh Young Unionist…

    That supposed Unionist from Lurgan, Mark Patterson had two Black Panther loonies on his Radio Foyle afternoon show today….apparently the Sinn Fein / IRA Bloody Sunday lot have them giving a talk tonight at Sandinos in Water Street, Londonderry.

    Isn’t it wonderful how criminals and terrorists stick together….I’m sure Obama must be proud of the Black Panthers….seeing he owes them so much.

  • There is (or was) drizzle in Virginia, whence come stories of queues forming from 5 a.m. It’s bright and sunny in New Jersey, where the Redfellow grandchildren ensured Dad pressed the proper buttons.

    Meanwhile, in Indiana, there’s Notre Dame University, alma mater of the great President Jed Bartlet, and home of the Fighting Irish. The mock election there went to Obama 52/41% (W just edged Kerry in ’08). In passing, I hope everyone got to Maureen Dowd’s delicious meeting of Obama and Bartlet (New York Times, 20 Sept). According to some exit polls of those who voted before today, Obama had a 32% lead — and Indiana should be a GOP banker. Since Indiana’s going to be the first to declare, we’ll see the outcome there early one; and have a whiff of the conflagration to come. I hope that nobody gets carried away when Fox extrapolate the rural Indiana vote into a McCain triumph, conveniently forgetting that the polling booths of urban Gary close an hour later.

    Incidentally, one report comes to me of a traveller being warned about “trouble” if Obama loses.

  • Oh, look, there’s 6countyprod @ 05:54 PM really on the ball, getting his opinions and views from James Pethokoukis, star pundit of such unbiased outlets as Fox News and the Washington Times. Not to mention the financial expert who predicted the recession — for 2011.

  • Justin

    It’s spelled Pittsburgh for what it’s worth…

  • William

    Redfellow….shouldn’t that be Bluefellow seeing you an Obamamaniac…???

    It takes someone to tell the truth, considering the MSM are in the pocket of Obama….the fraud

  • 6countyprod

    I am curious as to why there is so much fascination with the weather in Pgh, VA, etc. Are we implying that Obama might lose an election because of a little bit of rain or adverse weather conditions?

    Is his support really that shallow that liberals are nervous about the weather? Wow!

    (MR, until today, I had never heard of James Pethokoukis)

  • stewart

    Ha! Why am I not surprised that an Ulster Unionist backs a conservative.

  • 6countyprod @ 07:10 PM:

    Re: weather:
    Because I, personally, am humbled by those who are prepared to queue for hours to exercise their suffrage. Equally, I am appalled by a system that imposes such conditions on its voters, particularly when they are conditions which seem to apply peculiarly in poorer districts.
    Re: Pethokoukis: Why quote a source without determining its validity?

    William @ 06:48 PM: While I am an unrepentant woolly liberal, and would be voting the Democratic ticket in many instances (there are many excellent Republican and Independent candidates up for election), can you indicate any utterance where I have previously shown that bias in this thread? Then, since it’s confuse-a-cat-week, I hope William @ 06:48 PM could offer us guidance-from-above on whom he would support for the Vermont US Congressman-at-large? For information, the candidates are:

    Peter Welch (Democrat);
    Jane Newton (Liberty Union: Retired Nurse, Socialist Activist);
    Thomas Herman (Progressive: Iraq War Veteran, Farmer & Peace Activist);
    Mike Bethel (Independent: Community Activist);
    Cris Ericson (Independent: Paralegal, Marijuana Legalization Activist);
    Jerry Trudell (Independent: Photographer, Community Activist & ’06 Candidate).

    The problem, as I see it, is that US politics, particularly at local level, are not quite like our own dear little Statelet, with voting determined on denominational and prejudiced lines. That, of course, is another reason why I find a study of the US system endlessly engrossing.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Any time I bring up the dire need for reform of electoral procedures in the USA I’m told that I should get over Bush’s victory, that I should move on, that it’s all in the past.

    It’s very amusing to see that Republican apologists are pre-emptively complaining about those same flaws in the electoral system now that they realize that they are likely to lose. This is a sign of the US’ immaturity as a democracy; the “fair play” sense is markedly absent.

    I’ve no doubt that Obama’s supporters will attempt to exploit any holes they find in the system, and, if caught, the Republicans will attempt to use those attempts to try to prevent the result from being called. Some of my friends in the John Edwards camp in Nevada have long believed that Obama exploited weaknesses in the state caucus process when he was elected as Dem nominee.