Good weather, good voting in Pittsburg…

Stewart reports the machines have now been fixed and most people got their votes in in Crawford-Mckeesport… Looks like turnout is high and the weather good in that part of PA

The machines in question were fixed, they had to revert to paper ballots and only two people chose not to vote that way, they will have to return later in the day and we will make sure they do, every one counts.

There has been reports of machines not functioning correctly, we are getting some reports of it happening in PA. The machines give the option of selecting a candidate per election or selecting straight democrat and straight republican, there are reports that ‘straight democrat’ is not including Barack for President, no idea how wide spread this is but it is being looked into…thats all I know.

Turnout seems high and everyone says they are intending to vote and seem enthusiastic about it for once – very few people are saying they wont vote today. The weather is good around Pittsburgh so no reason to stay in doors.