Campaign notes from Pennsylvania (2)…

More from our Ulsterman with the Dems in Pennsylvania…

Just tidying up a few loose ends before trying to get a few hours sleep, we are sleeping in the office again this evening which is an illustration of the work hours that are being put into this.

Tomorrow we have to go through our GOTV ‘universe’ twice! we will have phone banks running but the bulk of our volunteers will be sent out to knock doors and get people out to the polls, then working the line at polls, then after our poll closes – phoning western states.

This campaign way surpasses anything the democrats have ever organised before and I think has surpassed any Republicans GOTV campaign, but time will tell.

Today I was in two extreme areas, one a project with almost exclusively African American residents – an area of extreme disadvantage and then a more middle class (by our definition) predominantly white neighbourhood, in both the attitude towards Obama was hugely positve, not only were they positve to the volunteers but they were displaying not only campaign produced literature but home made stuff too.

On a similar note it has been impossible to keep Obama ‘chump’ (badges, pens, stickers etc) as everyone wants a piece. It reminds me of the line Barack used at the Al Smith dinner “contrary to popular belief – I was not born in a manger.”

I am so looking forward to a proper sleep, seems like an age since I was not exhausted, but I am excited about tomorrow though, everyone is pretty hyped and ready to get it done.