In Limerick they rarely ‘Google’ Belfast…

Just playing around with the Google Trends tool I put in Belfast under Ireland’s regional searches. Donegal comes out way up on top for Belfast searches (I’m guessing there small but constant volumes of searches), with Sligo and Louth coming up second and third… In Limerick interest seems to be driven by the Shannon/Belfast International Airport tension. I suspect this Sunday Mirror story was one source in early March this year… If it wasn’t for Aer Lingus, I’m not sure they’d ever think of us at all… Huh Dan?

  • Dave

    “In Limerick they rarely ‘Google’ Belfast…”

    I think the top search terms for Limerick are “how to import flick knifes”, “legal aid” and “elocution techniques to get rid of a bloody awful accent.”

  • Ri Na Deise

    Limerick, the most wartorn city outside of Belfast on this island is hardly the best example. 🙂

  • janeymac

    Dave, surely its importing guns in Limerick. That young RIR officer from Limerick interviewed on RTE News after the ‘Welcome Home Parade’ today had very good diction. I wonder did he google Belfast before joining the British Army?

  • George

    I think the top search terms for Limerick are “how to import flick knifes”, “legal aid” and “elocution techniques to get rid of a bloody awful accent.”

    Prejudice towards Limerick, that’s original.

  • Dave

    Thanks Janey, I forgot to mention that Stab City also has the worst gun crime rates in Ireland.

  • kensei

    You miss the power of the tool Mick. The numbers you give are only relative, Limerick could be Googling Belfast a million times a day and still be shown as small in comparison to Donegal.

    The true power is comparative, which maybe reinforces your point:,+cork,+dublin,+galway,+limerick&ctab=0&geo=IE&geor=all&date=all&sort=0

  • kensei
  • Greagoir O’ Frainclin

    Just want to mention that parts of the blighted Limerick city is currently getting a €500 milllion make over, in these credit crunch times!

    Ballymun, Dublin, was once a neglected suburb of the city but it too has had a multi-million euro makeover and now looks superb with it’s new planning/street layout and contemporary architecture!

  • janeymac

    Of course, Limerick is also the home of the current European Rugby Champions, Munster who is also ranked the No. 1 European Rugby club with a brand new 26.5 seater stadium which came in on time and in-budget – €40m (surely a first in these parts).

  • Greagoir O’ Frainclin

    Yep, the brand new Thomond Park stadium is quite superb…

  • Ri Na Deise

    Maybe google needs geography lessons. It only lists 5 cities. No sign of Waterford or Derry? (might I add Irelands 2 finest cities)

  • Republic of Connaught

    Well the reality is even if/when Ireland is a unified country Belfast isn’t going to be of much interest to people down in Limerick. It’s too far a drive and is of most interest to people in Ulster’s 9 counties than the rest of the country because it’s Ulster’s regional capital.

    Dublin is the only city on the island worth travelling a long distance to visit, because it’s the capital and the biggest city. Belfast is nice in its own unique regional way, as is Cork for all those Munster folk who never leave their province. But they are not so nice to warrant travelling hundreds of miles up or down the country to see regularly.

    Galway is another matter entirely.

  • #10

    26.5 seater
    40 million.
    That is a NI style rip-off.

  • picador

    How many people in Belfast google Limerick?

  • thedogsonthestreet

    Live in the North & work all over the south for years and My experience of Limerick is very positive! Suberb place like Belfast , friendly people , good night life , restraunts and atmosphere

    Doesn’t deserve the media bullshit hyped reputation which is down to a few crazy families at war with each other

  • Mick, put Belfast into UK, Northern Ireland – and Polish ranks higher than English in the language category …

    “E: Miracle in Belfast: Protestant ‘Dr. No’ joins forces with IRA chieftain”

    Now, who could they be talking about?

  • Mick Fealty


    Not enough volume to show the figures. Ho hum.

  • In Soviet Russia

    Belfast rarely Limericks google

  • Belfast is on google now?