An old blog back on the block…

Worth welcoming back Joanne who is assiduously following and mapping the abortion debate on her re-opened blog: Journalesque… More women into politics please… If you know of any we’re consistently missing, let us know!?


  • Ann

    It appears to be only one issue.

  • Big Maggie

    Thanks for the heads-up, Mick.

    More women into politics? In NI? There once was a Women’s Coalition here but nobody wanted it, not even the women. I have my own ideas on that but I’ll keep them to myself, it being Hallowe’en :^)

  • Gregory Carlin

    “It appears to be only one issue.”

    More of a hill to gaze at.

    They don’t have a domestic engine to take it forward two feet.

    So ‘we will impose X’, fair enough, go try, and when they fail, that’s their worry.

    It is technically politics.