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Kicking off, Sarah shoots from the hip (mar is gnách léi) on the BBC:

The BBC is a disgrace. Forcing Brand out because The Daily Mail and The Sun complained, ONE WEEK AFTER the original broadcast. I listened to it. It’s stupid and crude but funny in places. Just like Brand and Ross. Sachs’ agent only complained AFTER the Mail on Sunday told her about the call.

– And if you missed ours, there’s the making of a decent conversation on the same subject…

– Ulster’s Doomed believes a significant bit of news has been buried and suspects there might be an announcement on P & J on 5th November. Mind you judging by Peter Robinson’s demeanour on Hearts and Minds last night, I can’t see it…

– Checkov reckons Tom Elliot is right to point out that Gordon Brown is on shaky ground calling for a greater emphasis on Britishness, given his government’s record on constitutional reform

– Martina’s seen Irish language slogans appearing on the Newtownards Road…

– Stephen puts the current economic crash into some kind of historic perspective

– Michael points to a piece that should be bookmarked for future reference at David McWilliams’ site, as he notes that the Banking crisis hasn’t gone away you know

– And WBS at the Cedar Lounge notes we’re not in Kansas any more and challenges Batt O’Keefe’s statement in the Dail Education debate last night:

We are told about the centrality of financial market and institutional stability to the well-being of our economy. This is true, however much one might wish that we lived in a different economic context. And so when said financial market and institutions encounter near-catastrophic difficulties every sinew of the state is stretched to support them. To the point where guarantees that might potentially bankrupt the state are given – and for an example of how eventual bankruptcy might operate in future look at the plight of plucky little Iceland, learning the hard way that rhetoric about independence only goes so far in this world, particularly when allied with a peculiarly smug self-satisfaction centred on financial acumen

– Gavin’s in Virginia with some pics of an Obama set piece. Here’s one the great man paid for

– RCP shows the lad from Kansas Chicago Hawaii still has a decent aggregate lead, but the generic lead of the Dems over the Reps is closing. Mickey notes:

…if the MSM Final Push to Victory, among other factors, really does help produce a big Obama closing surge, that could (perversely!) tip the ticket-splitters’ lever against Franken, Martin, etc., no?

– And Peggy Noonan is not swinging more; for her it is sooo over

– And finally, for the day time drinkers amongst you (Don’t try this at home!): The Joe Duffy Liveline Drinking Game

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