Slugger’s Daily Blogburst…

Right kicking off, Cian makes a nomination for Distraction of the Month Award to go to Conor Lenihan, Finna Fail’s Minister of State for calling Fine Gael’s enterprise spokesman Leo Varadkar a fascist. You guys never heard of Mike Godwin’s law? Cite it next time Leo, and then get back to the very point the perpetrator is clearly trying to avoid!!– Niall who also posts at Irish Election has a beautifully reasoned argument on the Education cuts flowing from the budget:

Few in the OECD spend less on their children’s education. The department of education pays for salaries, while parents, teachers and boards of managements are left to fundraise in order to pay for luxuries like electricity and water. Parents pay for books and uniforms and school building projects spend decades awaiting department approval. When you take these facts into consideration, it’s hardly surprising that salaries take up most of the budget. The government refuses to pay for almost everything else.

– Ian begins an Irish blog campaigning in Virginia for Obama. Ta Suz

– And Conor brings some vintage Vincent Browne back to life: 1798 in 1998…

– Across the channel, Danny Finkelstein comments on Nigel Lawson’s argument against ‘punk tax cutting’, that is:

cut taxes immediately whatever the economic circumstances, sacrifice any other policy objectives to tax cutting at all times, and treat the announcement of future big tax cuts as the only ideological test that matter – now has on the debate on the right. The real view of Margaret Thatcher’s Chancellors – genuine tax cutters – was always more sophisticated.

– Chekov reckons that the Brand/Ross controversy is because people want to be offended

– Over at Brassneck I beg to differ

– And so does Mick

– Oh, and yes, it is long and boring, but Manic over at Bloggerheads has a interesting pathology of the sockpuppeting that’s gone on Iain Dale’s thread on the same subject…

– And in Scottish matters, O’Neill reads the Norwegian Foreign Minister, Jonas Gahr Støre’s remarks as a rebuke for Alex Salmond‘s Arc of Prosperity…

– Stephen riffs on the theme

– Jeff begs to differ

– Whilst over at the Midnight Court at least they know how to dress for a Recession

  • I believe that the EXTENT of the controversy is people’s enjoyment of some communal outrage. I do think there’s a problem. It’s the outpouring of indignation which I find over done.

  • Rory

    Good man, Chekhov. I too think that it is most important that we pour out our indignation at overdone outpourings of indignation. We just must pray that this does not result in too many others becoming indignant with us and pouring it out as well. The bloody place will turn into a swamp!

  • Over at NALIL blog:

    “Welcome to the Rathlin Island Ferry Ltd. booking system. For best prices book your tickets online.

    All Prices are shown in € (Euro)”

    Not quite, the on-line price is higher than the published ticket price in pounds.

    Why is a locally registered UK company billing its on-line customers in euros? Did someone get a daft notion about a Rathlin tax haven?

    And the DRD may be paying a subsidy to a company that it has no formal contract with.

    If you’re travelling on the vehicle ferry look out for an unmarked fuel bowser.

  • As hilarious as ever Rory. Not much indignation in my piece.