Cha raibh sí amú in aistriúchán…

D’fhreastail Concubhar ar an Oireachtas na Gaeilge cois Laoi i nHalla na Cathrach i gCorcaigh cúpla oíche o shin, agus cur sé tús ar díospóireacht bríomhar sa ‘comments zone’ aige… an cúis is suntasaí mar go dhearna Eoghan Harris “ionsaí fíochmhar ar Shinn Féin agus é ag tagairt don úsáid a bhí á bhaint as an nGaeilge mar ‘armalite chultúrtha’ agus ag cur an traidisiún Protastúnach ó dhoras na teanga”.Ach ní raibh sin a méad a bhí aige le rá:

Dar leis an Seanadóir Harris, atá lán fuinnimh agus brí in ainneoin do bheith ag teacht aniar ó bhabhta dhroch thinnis, tá go leor pleananna agus eagraíochtaí ag póirseáil timpeall agus iad ag iarraidh an Ghaeilge shábhl ach n?l aon mór phlean nó ollfhís chun tabhairt faoi sin.

Mhol sé go h-ard an fuinneamh agus an samhlaíocht a bhí á léiriú ag leitheidí Pheadair Uí Riada agus muintir Chúil Aodha agus an tionscnamh, Acadamh Fodhla, ach dúirt sé go raibh a leitheid de shamhlaíocht ag teastáil go géar.


  • An tAmadán

    Cén samplaí a bhí ag ‘Harris’ faoi SF agus aontachtúiri? Nach bhfuil an SDLP cead fán gcead ar son an Ácht Teanga co maigh?

  • Brian Walker

    Any chance of subtitles, Mick, to help us translate Parliament, Cork and SDLP? Any mention of Eoghan Harris should not go without the widest circulation.

  • Don’t you mean any mention of Eoghan Harris should not come without a government health warning Brian? 🙂

  • As I’m rushing, this is a brief summary in English of Eoghan Harris’ Cork speech at the opening of Oireachtas na Gaeilge, the premier Irish language festival, in Cork on Monday. It was published in Tuesday’s Evening Echo as part of that newspaper’s daily coverage of the event during the week. The Evening Echo – is the only newspaper in Ireland providing daily coverage of the festival. It’s bilingual and it happens that it’s me who’s providing the reportage.

    The Irish language is like the ill fated Titanic as passengers swan around on the top deck seemingly oblivious as water pours into the engine room as the vessel is holed below the waterline.
    That was the controversial message from outspoken Senator, Eoghan Harris, as he opened the Oireachtas na Gaeilge festival with a hard hitting speech at Cork City Hall last night. He used the speech to demand a national debate on the future of the Irish language.
    According to Senator Harris, there is no overall plan to promote what the Irish language might mean to future generations of Irish people. He conceded that some progress had been made as, according to a comparison of Census data between 1921 and 2006, there were approximately 1m native speakers of Irish in 1921 but the latest census recorded more than 1.5m who had some knowledge of Irish.
    He attributed this statistic to compulsory Irish in the schools and said that were it not for the stipulation that Irish had to be studied to Leaving Certificate level the statistic would be significantly worse.
    Turning to the problem of the decline in Irish in Gaeltacht areas, he said just 17.500 Gaeltacht inhabitants spoke Irish regularly on a daily basis.
    “We have Udarás na Gaeltachta but what we need is Udarás Forbartha na Gaeilge [The Authority To Develop Irish] to revive the language in the Gaeltacht,” he said.
    The senator is a longstanding critic of Sinn Féin and he didn’t spare the republican party on this occasion. He lambasted the party for using the language as a ‘cultural Armalite’ in a way which kept Ulster Proteststants of the Orange tradition from engaging in the language.
    “Cén plean atá againn chun deileail leis an meath atá ag teacht sna scoileanna agus sa Ghaeltacht? Tá an mean aicme reidh chun an Ghaeilge a phlé mar atá sé – ach níl aon plean don Ghaeil
    [What plan do we have to tackle the decline [of Irish] in the schools and in the Gaeltaht. The middle classes are able to talk about the Irish language as it is but they have no plans for its future.]

  • Ulster McNulty

    “..dhearna Eoghan Harris “ionsaí fíochmhar ar Shinn Féin”

    Quelle surprise.

  • RepublicanStones

    An teanga dhúchais de thaisme, bhi sé damaistithe le
    ‘armalite’ oráid.
    Is beag an t-iontas ‘traidisiún Protastúnach’ is an-fhuar agus claonta i leith an dteanga?

    (Gabh mo leithscéal le mó gramadach.. tá mé foghlaim)

    Keyword: word

    An-deas !

  • An Lochlannach

    Why does anyone take that crank seriously? Last time I saw him he was judging a kind of ‘Gong Show’ Talent-Free Show on TG4. Just right for him, really.

  • The Raven

    Without getting into personalities, I’d like (as a non-Irish speaker, with some aspirations of learning a wee bit) to make a couple of comments:

    “He lambasted the party for using the language as a ‘cultural Armalite’ in a way which kept Ulster Proteststants of the Orange tradition from engaging in the language.”

    Absolutely. And I like to see some more lambasting. This should be a shared part of our culture, and using it as a ransoming tool isn’t helping. Just in case any Shinners are reading this, perhaps I could suggest a new strategy: fuck off with your Irish Language Act, because it just ain’t gonna work when it comes to engaging the half of the community I come from. Though it’s something I’d ultimately like to see in place, I just don’t think now is the right time.

    “…the latest census recorded more than 1.5m who had some knowledge of Irish.”

    How much of this is beyond “pass the milk please?” Let’s stop bandying these sort of stats about, because no one ever clarifies what “had some knowledge” actually means. It doesn’t advance the case or make it more palatable to the audience you’re aiming for.

    “…..Irish had to be studied to Leaving Certificate level the statistic would be significantly worse…..”

    Really? I was in a “beginner’s” IL class recently where the girl sitting next to me said “I studied it for 10 years and I remember none of it.” I find this phenomenal. I studied French for five years, and can manage a conversation reasonably well. Where, in the land where it is spoken, have things gone so badly wrong that someone could come out with a statement like this, no matter how glibly…??

    Anyway. Just a couple of thoughts – I’m only an outsider on this sort of thing. Thanks for translating, Concubhar.

  • RepublicanStones

    ceartúchán* – ‘bhi sé damaistithe le
    ‘bullet’ oráid.’

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