“traumatised by something that didn’t happen..”

In the Observer, Malachi O’Doherty reports the strange case of the criminal injuries compensation, “believed to be £35,000”, apparently paid to Sinn Féin’s Alex Maskey earlier this year for an attempted assassination “which failed and which Maskey knew nothing about until years later”.According to the report

Maskey has said privately that the compensation payment came to him ‘out of the blue’. He had forgotten that his solicitor was seeking compensation for the failed attack and he even seemed a little embarrassed by it, conscious that others deserved more help than he did.


Last night the Alliance party leader, David Ford, described the award to Alex Maskey as ‘bizarre’.

He said: ‘It is a bit difficult to believe that somebody in his position was traumatised by something that didn’t happen. He must have been aware that he was under threat.

‘And it is difficult to understand why he was paid so much, when you see the poor levels of compensation paid to the relatives of those killed in the early years of the Troubles.’