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So to kick off, Tom Cosgrave counsels Ciaran Cuffe to get out of the coalition now if he values the party’s councillor base’s chances in the next elections in 2009 [which shows how tough it is to be a party that believes in something other than pleasing the clients voters- ed]:

You cannot stop FF – they will do as they please, with little regard for anybody else. Anecdotally, most people I know who would vote or transfer to Green candidates will not be doing so now – particularly in light of what their parents, grandparents, in-laws and other family members have just had to go through.

– And WBS thinks he can smell a paradigm shift:

Unlike the late 1980s when there was so little there was hardly anything to lose in the ‘hairshirt’ FF budgets, this has come after a time of plenty and during a period where peoples expectations – rightly – have increased. That makes this entirely unexplored political and psychological terrain and it is fascinating how inept the cheerleaders of the centre right have been in traversing it over the past couple of weeks.

– Jonathan Ford in Prospect notes the over reliance on Finance in the UK economy, not to mention it’s overflow in Dublin (fuller article here):

In the 1960s, finance accounted for just 10 per cent of corporate profits in Britain and America. By 2006 this had risen to 35 per cent. Last year, a staggering one in five Britons earned their living in finance.

– Steve Levett wants to know why Hedge Funds aren’t blowing up all over the shop

– Speaking of finance, Michelle Malkin reckons New York Times shares are reaching junk status

– Mark Steyn also hears that and sniffs a bailout for the old media if Obama wins…

– Yep, that means it’s conspiracy time, and Rick’s nailed the Fonze as one of the movers and shakers

– P O’Neill reckons McCain’s troubles come down something more fundamental, In his words, the Republican dogma “that poor people need less money to make them work harder, while rich people need more money to make them work harder.”

Nice little apologia from Danny at Comment Central on the big splash of the week from Corfu…

– Over at A Pint of Unionist Lite O’Neill sums up the argument for axing Barnett

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