Slugger’s Daily Blogburst…

Starting with a few posts on an economic theme. The Irish government stands accused of political and fiscal incontinence by P O’Neill who observes that:

…if you make €17,540, your income levy is zero. If you make €17,541, your income levy is €175.40. Lesson: don’t work for that extra euro. That’s why income tax increases should be done through the income tax system.

– World By Storm notes that even the Grand Dame of Tara Street is confused by the clientist reaction to the budget; simultaneously condemning its conditions yet damning the knee jerk reactions from the bankbenches…

Simon’s been reading:

In Offshoring The Next Industrial Revolution by Alan S. Blinder in Foreign Affairs said that “just as with the first two industrial revolutions, massive offshoring will not lead to massive unemployment. In fact, the world gained enormously from the first two industrial revolutions, and it is likely to do so from the third so long as it makes the necessary economic and social adjustments.”

Now his answer was that we need to focus on personnel service industries. Where face to face interaction is needed such as taxi drivers and doctors. But what I disagree with there is the fact that face to face services will only keep money in the economy. If people buy their stuff outside the country then money is leaving the economy. If there is no services that bring in an equal amount money then we will have a massive balance of payments deficit.

– Don Paskini reports on a huge ruck in the English blogosphere about an OECD report suggesting that the global gap been rich and poor countries has actually closed in recent years..

– And speaking of the English (my often put upon neighbours and friends) that little man in a Torc is planning to nab Andrew Marr on the pebbly beach at Budleigh next summer over an article the Beeb man wrote 20 years ago. If I get to him first, I’ll ask him if he actually still agrees with himself…

– Why are we in such an economic mess? Immigration? Huge public spending bills? Try unconscionably sloppy practices in the Ratings Agencies?

– Snowflake5 reckons the Northern Rock is well on its way back to good health, thanks to two men in particular

– Johnny Guitar contemplates life inside Respect for women

– Chekov ruminates on a possible union between the UUP and the Tories, and asks that it be done and done quickly

– And I suspect Mairtin’s been dewking at one of Slugger’s mega threads on the film Hunger, and responds by quoting Irish language writer Seosamh Mac Grianna, “ón osna is troime a thig an ceol is binne”