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Okay, before we start this morning, I can’t go on calling this ‘The Blog Round’. It’s weak. And “Slugger’s Blog Box” is probably a bit too Blue Peter. Any suggestions will be gratefully received. So kicking off, Mairtin quotes Gerry Adams asserion that the Irish Language is now the touchstone of success/failure of negotiations between Sinn Fein and the DUP:

I think while it (the impasse) can be easily sorted out at the same time you (with the Irish language act) are actually at the root, at the nub of what will either trip these institutions up or make them work – and that’s equality and partnership, the lack of that or the presence of it.

– Bob Piper notes the irony in the accusations today that George Osborne has been ‘wrestling chimney sweeps’

– Simon has spotted something that has passed most of the rest of us by: Irish banks are ‘rolling up’ interest payments from some sectors because they don’t have the money to revenues… PWC to report in a few weeks… and it could be very, very messy…

– Johnny Guitar is heartened at the latest Millward Brown poll on abortion

– Over at Unionist Lite there’s a poll running asking: should we get rid of the Barnett Formula? Strangely enough, his readers are currently in favour of scrapping the golden goose by a proportion of 5/1. But there’s still nine days to go.

– In other news, Gavin notes that Sarah Carey, the first Irish blogger who done good and got a paid gig at the Sunday Times, is moving into plushier ‘digs’ in Tara Street.

– The irrepressible (who says you cannot enjoy an economic crash?) Michael Taft reckons that contrary to prevailing thought, public spending may actually be too low rather than too high

– Hugh Green has an interesting note on the politico-religious beliefs of Sarah Palin

– The noble Archbishop is sceptical at reports from Austria that the Anglo Saxon model of economic management is dead…

– Bloggers4Labour on the difference between social scientists and propagandists

Across the great sheugh comes this stunning insight into the US presidential race: the new demographic surge is “racists for Obama”. Cognitive dysphasia how are ya…

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