“All Ordnance has been put beyond reach..”

The BBC report links the weapons found in Belfast with the recently de-specified UVF – weapons which they had claimed had been “put beyond reach”. Adds Guardian report.

Police officers went to the Ballysillan area of north Belfast to investigate the death of a man at the weekend. It is believed he took his own life. In follow-up searches of his house, more than 70 guns – mostly handguns – and ammunition were discovered.

About 10 more guns were seized from a nearby lock-up premises. The guns are thought to be linked to the UVF. All the weapons have been removed for examination and police inquiries.

More From an updated BBC report

PUP member Billy Hutchinson, who has represented the UVF at meetings with the international decommissioning body, said he was “confident the guns would not be traced to the UVF”. “I think there has been enough soul-searching, enough investigation going on to ensure that nobody was connected to his man,” he said. “My understanding is that he ran some sort of combat company. I think that’s where the police should be looking.”