Quote of the week…

This one is from Slugger but was brought to our attention by the indispensable Insider column in the Belfast Telegraph and came via an elderly relative of mine who spotted it in the hairdressers this morning…By The Insider

IT must be a strange time for UUP supporters. There the party was getting pally with David Cameron, amid much talk about a new pluralist political force emerging here.

Now this week, leader Sir Reg has a cheery meeting with Traditional Unionist Voice supremo Jim Allister on maximising the unionist bloc vote in next year’s Euro election. And let’s not forget a past dalliance at Stormont between the UUP and PUP.

The award for most brutal putdown is won by a post on the Slugger O’Toole blog site:

“You know, I’m going to run a contest asking someone to name a party which hasn’t been linked to a transfer pact with the UUP. They’re like that drunk bloke in the pub at the end of the night desperately circling the dancefloor looking for someone, ANYONE to take home, even the metaphorical ugly bird that is the TUV. They’d just be better off getting a kebab and going home to sleep this nonsense off…”