Do the US public really know what they are buying?

This says more about the broadcasters than the people they interview (H/T the Prof). Howard Stern effectively operates a sting on Obama supporters in Harlem. The effort seems to be to prove that black voters are voting Obama because he’s black, not because through policy concerns (which they deliberately switch unbeknownst to those who end up on the broadcast). But if you listen to the first responses, you hear people talk about the personality of each candidate, which is precisely where both campaigns have pitched their bids. A case of neither party overestimating the intelligence of the American public? I argue over at Brassneck, that the mean result is that the American people will only get to know what their President really intends to do, after rather before his inauguration.

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  • latcheeco

    Agreed, and if America does go for a Democratic White House and both houses of Congress it will be a reaction to the extreme right swing of Republicans under Cheney and Rove for eight years and the divisiveness they thrived on. Republicans will have only themselves to blame if they wake up in their own nightmare in November.

  • latcheeco

    Bring back Bob. Life’s not the same without him. At least he’s not boring like Pete on St. Andrew’s

  • willis


    “Those who believe in the free market system (though a majority in the real world) are a tiny minority on this site.”

    “There is no such thing as a free market”

    Lord Weinstock

    Greatest Post-War British Industrialist,4273,4467542,00.html

    On balance, Dave, I would defer to someone who has actually run a business. Maybe you have, let us know.

  • 6countyprod

    Never mind Bob, I’m more concerned for Joe the Plumberman. I bet you he wasn’t expecting Obama’s hyenas in the media to come after him so viciously with their teeth bared.

    How dare anyone ask their anointed one a telling question!

    Slugger’s moderators seem pretty tame compared to those guys.

  • 6countyprod

    PS I miss you too Bob. Trust you are having a nice rest.

  • Greenflag

    6 county prod,

    ‘I’m more concerned for Joe the Plumberman.’

    Looks like another poor choice by Senator McCain . Joe the Plumber has a lien on his property as a result of owing his local county back taxes of 1,000 dollars approx . The average earnings of plumbers is circa 47,000 dollars a long way from Obama’s 250,000 . As Joe’s employer only employs Joe -there is no way even working 12 hours a day that the business could net 250,000 dollars after fixed and business expenses .

    Anybody who has a basic idea of running a business would have known that . The fact that McCain jumped on Joe as a stick with which to beat Obama just proves how little understanding Senator McCain has of the American worker or for that matter American small businessmen .

    Another shambles in a campaign that’s unravelling as McCain scrambles to shore up support in States that he thought he could take for granted .

  • Greenflag


    ‘it will be a reaction to the extreme right swing of Republicans under Cheney and Rove for eight years and the divisiveness they thrived on.

    That it will and what’s even more ironic is that it’s not the ‘divisiveness’ that they sowed abroad that has combe back to bite them as everybody assumed a year or so back (The IRAQ WAR) but the divisiveness they sowed at home through their ‘free market ‘ fundamentalist nonsense which left the American people high and dry when the house of cards collapsed in such a ‘timely ‘ fashion so close to a Presidential election . Call it the ‘unmidas ‘ touch but this lot would set fire to a swimming pool if put in charge of one 🙁

  • Ulster McNulty

    “Accusations of racism is the last refuge of the liberal scoundrel”

    If he was standing for election in an african country he’d be the white candidate. It’s all relative.

  • Greenflag


    ‘Crikey Greenflag

    This is the hinternet you can’t talk like that!! ‘

    Like what? Did anything I wrote ring ‘untrue ‘ ?

    It’s how I see it . Admittedly the world looks different perhaps from Canada 😉 . It’s those snow covered glasses 😉

    A thousand years to build up a civilisation and it can all be destroyed if the wrong people get their hands on the ‘red ‘ button .

    We don’t think of that when we go to vote in Ireland or Canada , but it may cross the minds of Americans , Russians , French , British , Israelis , Chinese , Indians and Pakistanis when and if they exercise their right to vote .