The future for Local Councils.. and Councillors..

Another clip from Thursday’s better than average Hearts and Minds. This time it’s Julia Paul’s report on the future for Northern Ireland Local Councils [and local councillors]. Of interest, along with the historical clips and the contribution from Slugger’s inaugural Local Councillor of the Year, is Paul Evans’ comparison of here with Local Councils elsewhere.. And, with the potential loss of the most experienced local councillors ahead, it’s worth considering whether here risks becoming more like elsewhere in future..

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  • I should point out that the interview that I did was a bit longer, and some of the subtleties of what I was saying may have been lost, as was the admission of subjectivity on my part.

    You may have understood that I was saying that ‘councillors in England have no power, but councillors in Northern Ireland have lots.’ This would be an exaggeration.

    If you list the powers that councillors have in England, the *list* is actually longer, but in my experience, the ‘powers’ are often illusory. The councillors are, in turn, accountable to so many different bodies that their powers really amount to little more than the right to agree with officers.

    In Northern Ireland, I’ve seen councillors argue back with a bit more vigour.

  • Pete Baker

    That’s more or less what I thought you meant, Paul.

    Better, in my view, to have elected representatives prepared to argue against officers who, technically, they employ on our behalf.