And if you missed it…

You can hear the whole thing as kindly podcast by my old mucker (and newly liberated) Davy Sims… Thanks too to Mark Devenport (who nearly made the shortlist and is considered very highly in these parts!) Alan in Belfast (who I felt enough confidence in to introduce to a couple of members of my family!) with good summation of the night. Coverage in the Newsletter, Irish News and the BBC Online News are carrying the winners.

  • Slight confession. Having misread the category name earlier in the day when I skimmed the shortlist announcement online while talking to someone on the phone, I told your sister you were a shoe-in for the award, and she should shout loudly in protest if you didn’t win, because you really deserved to!

    She probably thinks I’m a nutter. Hopefully, a harmless nutter 🙂

    At least the politicians and surrounding ecology have been encouraged to aim high and try hard to win next year’s Jobsworth title!