Times infiltrates Christian gay camp…

THERE was a bit of a storm recently after Iris Robinson told us about how gay people could be turned around with counselling (which seems to be a mixture of homebrew psychiatry and religion). Today, the Times has an interesting feature on how American evangelicals are trying to persuade gay people “find freedom from homosexuality through the love of Jesus Christ”. Their reporter attended a US gay camp (‘scuse the pun), and found those who’d gone through same sex attraction therapy experienced some mixed results. But having read the article, I was left with the impression that, whether it works or not, Iris didn’t really understand the complexities what she was advocating.

  • The Watchman

    I’m quite baffled by the reporter’s dismissive attitude to this camp, and I thought that a Religious Affairs correspondent would know better.

    As one of the leaders said, it’s all about empowering people with a gay orientation to live sanctified lives unto God. Or to put it in a theological way, it is about the participants allowing God to transform every part of their body as they grow Christ-like. That entails a supernatural and mysterious working of the Holy Spirit in someone’s life.

    How that works is a mystery but surely the end result in many cases, transformed lives where old desires no longer rule mind and body, is what Christianity is all about? Why is this beyond comprehension for Ms Gledhill?

  • cynic

    Perhaps because it’s nonsense?

  • Duncan Shipley Dalton

    You can’t wish away a genetic reality no matter how many ‘camps’ you go to.

  • Yvette Doll

    “You can’t wish away a genetic reality no matter how many ‘camps’ you go to.”

    Gay liberation had no toleration for sick notes, or straight ideas.

    So the genetic reality candidates were not much use to us unless we wanted a recipe.

    “PETER TATCHELL says genetic explanations of homosexuality don’t add up and are doomed to failure.”


    Is he an expert?


    Yvette Doll