I don’t like Financial Mondays…

If I can grab the time from preparations for tomorrow, I’m hoping to do a piece on financial crisis over at Brassneck. But I see Slugger is not the only blog with the ear of the London Media. Conall’s post on the UK Treasury’s financial exposure has been taken up by the BBC’s flagship Today Programme website as their web pick of the day (It’s inside the big blue quotation marks!).

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  • Glencoppagagh

    I’m not surprised there’s no comment on this one, the relevant post is both unoriginal and unenlightening unless I’ve missed something between the few lines.
    Does he seriously believe that the average Brit is going to fly his cash to Germany to deposit it in a different currency.
    Worth noting too that sterling is up against the Euro today.

  • Different Drummer

    Strange there has been a somewhat muted response to the Irish governments response to the crisis.

    Ture they are not slugging it out with the rest of Europe – yet but Ireland holding other banks and EU goverments to ransome is very amusing.

    Not so much the mouse that roared more like the little gent who kicked the gaint where it hurts most.

    – But it is a gamble nonetheless which most of the Tory/revisionists press down are convinced will not work. But even they don’t have a clue what to do….